Light worker; A person driven and motivated to do work which helps to make the world a better place, improves other’s lives, and/or helps to elevate others to a higher level of consciousness. Light workers spiritual number 911.

Hello, my name is Anne Porter and I am an intuitive-medium, spiritual coach and healer.  I am an Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, Crystal Reiki Master and an oncology/hospice Reiki practitioner.

Whether you are seeking guidance to elevate your consciousness through pathways such as meditation, intuitive coaching, past life readings or a connection to loved ones who have passed on or maybe help in healing your mind, body and/or spirit through energy healing, I allow spirit to lead and guide me in helping you on your journey.

I am an experienced natural psychic medium, with a deep, loving and longtime connection with my spirit guides who allow me to connect with passed loved ones.  By connecting with loved ones who have gone beyond the veil, I may be able to help you to heal a part of the grief you hold in your heart, even if only for awhile.

Using the modality of Reiki, otherwise known as “energy healing”,  universal life source energy uses me as a clear conduit and allows me to provide healing to those who seek and need it.  I can help you remove passive energy build-up from emotions stored deep within your core or cell memory, clear and restore balance to your Charkas, help you to possibly recognize physical or emotional issues and bring you into a most relaxed state of being.

Please visit my services and contact pages for more information on how I can help you.