Have you ever heard of angel or spiritual numbers?  These numbers come to us in sequences, such as 11:11, 222, 333 and so on as messages from the higher realm usually with guidance by angels or our spirit guides.  The number I see most often is 444, which means I am being guided and protected by angels and guides on the correct path I am on spiritually.  I just love this number – because they (my angels and guides) love to remind me of it.

Taking a walk by myself or with my bestie Bailey (my labrador retriever) is one of my favorite ways to connect with spirit.  They are always listening – and most times, they answer, in the most remarkable ways.

One of my most remarkable encounter to date happened while I was vacationing in Hawaii this past September.  I decided one morning to go out for a walk on my own so that I could connect with my guides.  We were staying on the big island in house right on Ali’i drive.  As I was walking I was thanking and being grateful for this wonderful trip I was on and asked if they would be willing to join me for my walk that morning.  At that moment a car went past me and the license plate had the number 444.  I smiled to myself.  Then within the next 5 minutes an on coming car (different than the 1st) had the numbers 444 (different letters).  So I asked.  “Are you trying to tell me something?”.  I walked another mile further and turned around to head back to the house.  There on the left in the parking lot parked was another license plate (again different car) with the numbers 444.  Now at this time I actually laughed out loud and thanked my angels and guides, and told them how much I appreciated the confirmation.

But my nature is to push things, and sometimes I just can’t help myself.  It is also a good thing my guides don’t take me personally.  Just before getting to the house (about another 50 feet) – I said out loud (yes out loud, crazy woman), “If you really want me to have confirmation – do it again.”  Be careful for what you wish for – because it almost came as a shout.  At the stop sign making a left hand turn was a taxi van.  No it didn’t have the 444 on it’s license plate.  But it did have the phone number on both sides of the van in large black print:  (808) 324-4444. And it drove right next to me to make sure I didn’t miss it.

When I got inside it was about 9 or so in the morning, I couldn’t wait to tell my husband what a fun walk I had and explained to him the 444’s and how blessed I felt.  He looked at me and gave me a little smirk.  He asked me if there was any coffee left over (in a house rental, you unplug the coffee maker each time after you use it in order to avoid any type of hazards).  I said I thought so, and it should still be warm because I hadn’t unplugged it before my walk.  To my amazement the time on the clock of the coffee pot was, you guessed it, 4:44.  So I exclaimed to my husband – “Just like that!”  He couldn’t deny my story, and it was if my guides and angels were sealing their message with a kiss.

Have you ever seen sequences of numbers that appear to you often?  You can find them anywhere; receipts, street signs, license plates (my fav), billboards, addresses, odometers, – you name it.  If you have then maybe, just maybe your angels and/or guides or maybe even a loved one, are trying to give you a message.  Take that number next time and give it a Google.  You’ll be amazed at the message they are conveying.

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