Channeled message, Beings of White Light, 6th & 7th Dimension March 24, 2020

We thank you all for what you are doing.  You can produce much vibration that is healing, continue your connection.  We are the beings of white light.  We heal within and without, touching each soul.  Deep within itself, holds much power, much that is needed to heal, not even realized.

Seek out goodness and trust your energy.  We push you to open yourselves to help one another, as you have forgotten as a whole. 

What once was an illusion is now becoming a reality, a reality of happiness, joy and tenderness.

Light, light, light, it opens the eye and causes you to accept, accept what we have to give, with this – when you are ready, it will open with a very expansive illumination of intensity and you will be happy.

Very seriously, take this now.  Do not take lightly.  It is not to be put off.  Everything you sense is real.  Pass it on, move it forward, hold it in your hand, spread it out. 

Your world is going through changes, it can never come back from.  Something so significant has changed each soul currently on earth, which will bring a new civilization to all of you, in our timing.  Your perspective on what you have known is now noticed as something real – it has all been an illusion.  You are now seeing beyond the unknown and this unknown is uncomfortable for most, but necessary in order for your kind to continue.  It is a change in reality.  It is a change of mankind, it is a change to humankind.  Fear not as it is for the better.  You shall cherish one another more.  Life will be changed, again fear not for it is for the betterment of humankind.

Reach out, sense the will of your fellow man, know that what you take on from us, to heal and move towards the betterment of your kind.  Without this you cannot survive.  It is to expand upon the energy and correlate the vibration to adhere to a constant connection.  This will begin to open the channels of all.  This open will contribute to the quickening of the newer reality of how we will have you communicate.

The communication is changing to be more mindful, those with the ability already will notice it more readily.  Be open and receptive to the messages that come through.

Open the door, look in!  What you experience when you open your eyes, the new reality will be there.  You will not be able to un-see it.  Be ready.  You will need to allow for this vision to occur, if you show fear – there will be a void in its place. 

So happy those will be who are ready to open their eye.

This is the time and the time is now.  With much love and compassion we give to you.

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