Channeled message, Beings of White Light, 6th & 7th Dimension April 7, 2020

We speak now for we have much to say.  The light brought forth is not all your own but a collective of many.  See in each other what you cannot see yourselves, as the picture that is formed is more beautiful than you can imagine.  Your hearts are earnest and in need of holding.

Hold still and understand.

The need of those who cannot hear, hold unto them the power of your light, the potency to your heart is deeper than those can imagine.  Hail unto you so that all are not confused, too many are lost and will never find their way, do not be discouraged.  For the light of all of you, collectively, can compensate for their lack of knowing.  Your energy will lift those that cannot, which is what your civilization needs.

Sense the humming…, the vibration or connection.  It is most important at this time.  As the new level of consciousness begins to surge it will become more apparent to all of you and those of you that are connected, because you are open to our messages.  YOU will hear and we count on you to help the remainder.  Let go of expectations that have been told to you, as what you experience will not be what you expected.  Yet, it will be so much more…

Let us help your kind.  Allow.  The newest energy to you is on the horizon.  See what the colors bring.  When you see us, and you all will, there will be joy, beyond what you comprehend, because we are here to help you save yourselves.  Stop being lost in oddities and images of nonsense, grasp what we show you and know you are correct in your findings.  It is not long for so much to happen and the closer the time comes, you will be more aware of our presence.

We have arrived for you ALL, to help.  Your time of ascension is nearing, the step up to the new reality will be yours for the asking, yours forever, let us lead you there.

Let us walk you through the portal.  This portal is a vortex of never ending energy…never ending source.  A step into it will be ever changing.  We give you only a short period of time before we will open it to you.  Be prepared.

Will you be ready?  You keep longing yet never taking the final steps.  Soon the choice for you will be obvious and you will step through.  The information for some, will make them want to move away, as they will see themselves in a light they are not prepared for.

It is time for honesty and reality to clear your path.  The truth is what you must honestly face in order to take the final steps.  Make sure you are ready and make the final adjustments now.  Face your fear and be honest about them.  For once you are honest with yourselves, you will pass through most easily.

In light, love and energy

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