Courses & Lectures

A Mystical Path to Wonderment, Healing and Light

Beginning November 2019, come join me, as we discover the mystical world of metaphysical reality through a series of lectures and practical application so that you might open the door to your intuition, psychic abilities and magickal power.

This is a three level series that includes 8 to 10 classes per level and is structured to suit those that are starting off, those well onto their path and then those who are advance and want to go beyond, way beyond.

Down the Rabbit-Hole, a series of introductory courses for the novice, already practicing spiritualist and the just plain curious.

Through the Looking Glass, a series of courses for those that would like to continue past the Rabbit-Hole and Through the Looking Glass. These course are for those that have already explored many of the concepts of Down the Rabbit-Hole.

Curiouser and Curiouser, a series of courses for the advance student with lots of practical application and exercises. (prerequisite completion of Down the Rabbit-Hole and Through the Looking Glass series or on approval of administrator)

Healing Arts, certification programs to learn your potential as an energy healer, through the modalities of Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, Crystal Reiki and Healing Hands with Touch .

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