Healer of Healers

spiritual councilThere are times when we wonder what our life path is, our spiritual path. I have asked this question for years to my guides. I hadn’t realized that they actually had a path in mind, or maybe I did and was pleasantly surprised when they showed me.

I have been fortunate enough to be contacted and guided by a “council” of guides. They made themselves known to me through meditation, psychic downloads and long conversations. There are many of these guides in the council; some are guides, ascended masters, angels and even star beings. But they limit themselves to six (6) when needed.

The interesting thing about my guides is that they laid my path out in front of me and had me think about it a long time.  Then had me put it to practical use and said, “here is the path you have been asking for, it is your choice to follow it”.

So here I am, following my path.  My guides say I am a “healer of healers”, one of many.  That my path is to help the healers of the world so that they can serve the world at their best (no pressure here).  This is necessary because all too often the healers of the world DON’T take care or heal themselves.

Healers can come in the form of metaphysical light-workers, doing psychic readings, mediumship, energy healing and other modalities.  But they are also counselors, teachers, nurses, massage therapists, physicians,  parents, caregivers and anyone who provides care for the need of others.

So what makes this healing different?  It is specific to the needs of the healer themselves.  Energetic residue or build-up can form around and in a healer when they have had heavy loads of client work or have not been so careful to protect their own energy field.  This can leave a healer feeling heavy, depressed, not grounded, scattered, having blocked or sporadic connections with their higher-self, intuition, spirit or guides.

By working directly in and with the auric-field and in combination with the spiritual chakras (outer chakras) 8 through 12, my council has shown me techniques that essentially helps to launder your energetic system, and helps to repair these areas.  This in turn helps you as a light-worker, a caregiver, a healer, so that you can get back to what you do best and what the world is in much need of.

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