Past Lives

Past Life Regression or Past Life Reading (PLR’s)

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you keep repeating the mistake or situation over and over again?

Do you find that when meeting certain people you have an immediate connect, as if you have known them forever?

Do you have a chronic pain or illness that your doctor tells you it’s all in your head because they can’t find any reason for it, but you know it is real and won’t go away?

Have you ever traveled somewhere new, and when you got there it was like coming home? Or do you have dreams of people, places or things that when you are awake you know that you don’t know them, it or where – but oddly you really do?

These are just some of the questions that may be answered when you request a past life regression or reading (PLR).  PLR’s can help with answering some of life’s questions that you just can’t seem to get an answer to.

First is the belief in reincarnation.  If your beliefs are that you have lived many lifetimes then you will understand that some of these lifetimes have karmic lessons that our spirit/soul is to learn from in that lifetime.  If we do not learn that lesson then more than likely we will continue to repeat that lesson in each lifetime thereafter until we have recognized the lesson, learned from it and corrected the imbalance of energy that is connected to it.

In those lifetimes and your current lifetime, there is your soul family that has and can reincarnate with you.  This is why when sometimes you might meet someone new and know you have known them forever, is it because you most likely have.  And once you meet, your souls reconnect and recognize one another.  You can also be playing out one of those karmic lessons with someone in your soul family.  And sometimes, well actually more times than not, your rolls may change from one lifetime to the next.

If you find that you have some unexplained aches and pains all your life that you never go away and your doctor just can’t find any reason for them and there appears that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you; well that can be a result of a past life physical or emotional injury or trauma that you are carrying over into this like.

PLR’s can help you to understand how your previous lifetimes maybe effecting your current life regarding relationships, health, bad habits and more.  Sometimes, just by recognizing these situations helps bring them to the forefront of your life and you are able to let them go, often resulting in a resolution to the issues.  You may find you recognize a karmic lesson being replayed and want to sever the pattern.  We can explore together how to make that work.


Past Life Regression

With a regression I help to put you into a hypnotic state of consciousness, completely aware and cognizant of your surroundings and what you experience.  It will allow you to access a past life and experience it firsthand.   The process can even take you to the place of where your higher Self resides – your soul’s life, between lives.  During this process I will ask you questions and you will be able to answer out loud your experience and everything you see, feel and sense.

Regressions are done in person and via Skype.  Your first regression may take up to two hours or more.  But with subsequent sessions, your session will range closer to an hour and half.  This allows for complete relaxation on your part, detailed information to be explored and a collaborative review and analysis of the past life experienced.

Past Life Reading

I have been blessed by spirit to connect with others past lives and my own, through my connection to my guides and yours, and by accessing your Akashic records.  It is one of my gifts that spirit has allowed.

When I do a PL Reading I do them remotely, from a distance and not in person.  This allows me to connect or link up with spirit – and this usually happens while walking out in nature.  I always begin my readings with a walk to ground myself and let the information flow.

Spirit then decides which lifetime or sometimes it is a couple or a few lifetimes that they believe to be important for you to know right now.  Once the questions have been asked by my client and they have given permission for me to communicate with their guides, an almost immediate “downloading” of information begins.  Then piece by piece the lifetime becomes clearer, themes and situations, sometimes recognition of other soul family members that play a role in that life time. I sometimes receive names.  But there is a message from that lifetime that spirit believes will help you now.  That is why they are revealing it to you.

Once I feel I have everything that spirit wants to convey, you will receive documentation of this lifetime to read at your leisure.  Sometimes the information that spirit provides takes time to be fully absorbed and realized.  So I do not recommend having PLRs back to back, as the timing of information for you may be over a few months.  Although I will provide insights and questions to you on how this life might apply to you at this time, it will ultimately be up to you to learn, recognize and / or implement changes that can possibly help you.  You have free will, so it is up to you.  I am only the instrument for spirit to give you the information they know is what needs to be communicate.

Although there are no guarantees what life will come through or even if one is to come through.  It all depends on divine timing and what universal source energy or your guides believe is right for you at the time. For information on pricing of PLRs visit my service page and then send a request through the contact page and I will get back to you by email to arrange a session.  I may need a quick phone call with you to connect with your energy, but not always – so please include a number you can be reached at.

I look forward to taking a soul journey with you.  Blessings.