Energy Healing – Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, Crystal Reiki.

  • Using the method of Reiki (Usui and non traditional), Karuna Reiki® and Crystal Reiki.  Uses spiritually guided light source energy that can help with healing the mind, body and spirit.  Connection to past life information. $175.00 for a 1 (one) hour sessionminimum one hour required for initial session. Other service fees provided for healing:
    • Distance Reiki healing, via phone or Zoom.
    • 30 min session $90.00, return clients only
    • Reiki healing at your location, $225.00 for an hour session. Additional travel time will be adjusted for locations further than 15 miles from my home office.

Healing for Healers, intense energy healing for healers and caregivers $200.00 for an hour session.

  • Using all methods of my Reiki  training, combined with specific techniques guided by my council to help repair, cleanse and balance the auric-field, internal and external chakra fields for help in better performance as a light-worker or healer.

Oncology & Hospice Reiki Sessions.  

  • Using all methods of my Reiki  training, combined with specific techniques for the oncology and/or hospice patient.
  • Special rates apply, contact me.

Contact: or text 714-679-9914 for an appointment.

Intuitive Readings, Spirit Connections, Private Guided Meditation Sessions and Spiritual Life Coaching & Mentoring. ** disclaimer below

  • 30 min reading/session $90.00
  • 1 hour reading/session $175.00 minimum one hour required for initial session.
  • For distance appointments by Zoom, please contact me for details.

Past Life Regressions and Readings  $250.00

  • Past Life Readings are distance readings and include a complete written account of the lifetime.  Please contact me for details.
  • Past Life Regressions can be either in person or remote by Zoom – please allow for a minimum of two hours for your session.  A free recording (MP4) of session provided upon request, prior to session.  A follow up written report will be provided upon request for an additional $30.00.

Contact: or text 714-679-9914 for an appointment.

Disclaimer:  There is no guarantee on “who” will come through.  I have found the Spirit’s motto is:  “You can’t always get what you want, but you just might find, you get what you need” (Rolling Stones).  When spirit has a message, no matter who it is – they find a way.  Please be aware, before making your appointment that there isn’t a guarantee on which loved one will want to speak to you – but I will do my best.

You must be 18 years or older, or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Please note that any of the services offered above are never to be used in place of medical, emotional, physical or psychological for issues you might have and that should be provided by a professional licensed medical practitioner.  Information given is not for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing or caring for disease.  Services provided are only to be considered as an alternative enhancement.  Please, always seek out a licensed medical or mental professional practitioner.  The readings provided, are for guidance only.  What you chose to do with any guidance or information given is solely your responsibility along with any actions taken by you.  I do not assume any liability for actions taken by you that result in loss or damage to you or any other entity regarding the information given or the service provided.  I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.