Wedding Officiate

ringsI am a registered minister with the Universal Life Church, which allows me to officiate weddings. If you are looking for a non-denominational officiate for your ceremony, look no further. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  It is my job as an officiate to make sure your ceremony is exactly what you are wanting.  I will work side by side with the intended to insure that your ceremony will be something that is cherished forever.  The ceremony you want is my goal.  Whether it is traditional, full of romance, theatrical, whimsical or full of laughter and humor.  Your ceremony can fit you and your partners personalities, making your day truly yours. Hand-fasting can be added for a truly memorable experience.  pagan handfastingHand-fasting is an age old practice that was meant to wed a couple when clergy were not available at the time, to make their commitment legal in the eyes of God, the Universe and the community they lived in. It was recognized as the couple being married until an actual clergyman could perform the ceremony.  Today it is a beautiful way that a couple shows their commitment to one another during the actual wedding in any type of ceremony. 

For more information regarding hand-fasting please be sure to inquire. Please contact me at or call 714-389-9243, to check for cakeavailability and to set up your initial appointment.  I officiate in Orange County California.  However, I am open to travel.  Prices will vary for a destination wedding or a wedding beyond the OC.